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About Us

Why TEJ Builds?

On the development side, we are very selective in the properties that we purchase. We take time to learn the location, size, allowable density, and even the feel of a neighborhood down to the street. Starting with a great canvas allows us flexibility to create the space we want and really make each project unique.

Specializing in small to mid-size developments in value-add neighborhoods and markets, we design, develop, renovate, and convert homes and medium-density multifamily buildings, transforming them into stylish, modern living spaces that feature inviting flow and high-quality material and installation

We also perform all interior design work and manage all architects, engineers, and subcontractors, ensuring that work is completed to our standards of both craftsmanship and livability. We strive to build something we’re proud to put our name on.

For your home renovation projects, we apply what we have learned developing property and pass on that knowledge in the form of a systematic, well-managed experience. Our experience in project, people and supply management is vital in delivering our clientele not only a well built and designed project, but also a stress free experience.

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