Blossom Medical

  • Neighborhood: Winchester, VA
  • Address: 8 W. Fairfax Ln
  • Completed: August 31, 2022

Project Description

We recently had the opportunity to build out an upscale, boutique Med Spa for Blossom Medical. It was a very fun project that started from a cold shell with some slight elevation differences in the floor. We installed a new HVAC system, Plumbing groundwork and rough in, and Electric including a new service and panel. The space is finished with a drywall drop ceiling to fit brand requirements, custom designed & built reception desk, custom built product display, feather finish concrete floors, drywall drop ceiling to fit brand requirements and some great looking wall coverings for the Reception/Refreshment area. Bathrooms in commercial spaces provide a great opportunity to be creative; we think this accessible bathroom is one of the chicest! All in all a really fun project and we’re very happy with the way it came out!

  • Commercial Buildout
  • 1800 Sq Ft